An Experimental Audion Production
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Clever Disguise
Changing My Ways
Creepy Clown Rag
Never March Away
Cork Bottle
Spiked Coffee
My Happy Feet
Don't Scream Yoko
(it's only snow falling)
Stop Me
Mango Dog Theme Song
Long ago, Mango Dog could be persuaded to tell his tales of adventure and intrigue......but nowadays, Mango Dog lives a reclusive life far from the glitter and intensity of those early formative and now legendary years. Exploding onto the scene Cleverly Disguised as a normal mammal, Mango Dog eventually learned to hide from a world that held contemptfor those who were different or who had traveled along an independent evolutionary path. After Changing His Ways, appearance, and mannerisms, Mango Dog began living a Clownish Existence. But soon, after becoming self-realized, he vowed to Never March to any drummer but his own. There was a period during which Mango Dog enjoyed great notoriety and was very popular among the masses. During this time, Mango Dog would open a bottle and his Happy Feet were the talk of the town. It was during this wonderfully creative and notable period that Mango Dog was visited by Yoko Ono in a dream and was given his vision quest: Be creative, be prolific, embrace my frenetic nature and dare the world to Stop Me. Yes, the story of Mango Dog is an exciting one, a story full of ups and downs, lefts and rights and even a few twists and turns. Listen to the Mango Dog story unfold instrumentally and let your imagination paint the scenes for you…until the last selection plays-the Mango Dog Theme Song-a real tear-jerker of a tune that evokes the optimism, the naivety and the shear joy of being:
A ThunderStudios Production
Recorded May 5th, 2005 ThunderStudios, Barre, MA
All Selections Written by Paul N. Dion
Arranged, Produced, and Performed by Paul N. Dion (on the Yamaha Tyros Workstation)

Original Art Copyright © 2005-2014 Paul N. Dion

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